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Rules for use of Certification Mark and Logo

Rules governing use of Certification (Quality Plus Certification Services LLC. Shield) and Accreditation Mark (ASCB)

QUALITY PLUS CERTIFICATION SERVICES LLC. issues marks corresponding to the relevant standard for which approval has been given, by way of a current Certificate of Registration. The certification mark (QUALITY PLUS CERTIFICATION SERVICES LLC. Shield) used must correspond to the standard against which the company has been audited and achieved registration (i.e. ISO 9001 or ISO 14001).


Any misuse of marks may result in withdrawal of certificates.

Further information is contained in QUALITY PLUS CERTIFICATION SERVICES LLC.’s Rules of Registration.

To ensure that the correct markings are used the following rules shall be observed by all companies who receive certification through QUALITY PLUS CERTIFICATION SERVICES LLC.:

  1. The marks shall be displayed only in the appropriate form, size and colour detailed in this Section.
  2. The organisation’s certificate number is printed under the mark.
  3. When the mark is printed on an unfolded portion of A4 size stationery, it shall be displayed in a size no larger than 30 mm high. On larger portions of unfolded stationery, the size may be proportionately increased.
  4. Accreditation marks shall normally have a minimum height (excluding the certificate number) of 20 mm. Any enlargement or reduction shall retain the same proportions as those of the masters.  The accreditation mark and the certificate number shall be considered as a single entity for purposes of enlargement or reduction.
  5. In exceptional circumstances, which are usually dictated by reason of space limitation or cost, the marks may be reproduced at a reduced height, provided that irrespective of the height of reproduction, the mark must be legible, with no infilling.
  6. Embossed, relief, or die-stamped versions may be used. The marks may be reproduced as water marks.
  7. Electronic reproduction of the marks is permitted (including Internet web sites) provided that the requirements are met and
    • the organisation’s certificate number is printed under the mark
    • the mark is reproduced so that infilling does not occur
    • degradation and/or distortion of the mark graphic is avoided
    • computer files of the marks shall be prepared from mark masters. Redrawn approximations may not be used.
  8. Reversed-image versions of the accreditation marks are available, and artwork masters are available on request. The organisations’ certificate number shall be printed centrally underneath the accreditation mark. All other conditions for use of accreditation marks apply to these versions.
  9. Accreditation marks / logo shall not be used in any way that might mislead the reader about the status of a certified organisation, activities outside the scope and imply that product, process or service is certified. Holders of Certificate shall not make, use or permit any misleading statement and certification document.
  10. Holders of certificates issued by QUALITY PLUS CERTIFICATION SERVICES LLC. may use the appropriate mark in the manner prescribed, on stationery and publicity material or other items relevant to their certificate. The accreditation mark shall always be used in conjunction with the QUALITY PLUS CERTIFICATION SERVICES LLC. Shield. Holders of accredited certificates may use the QUALITY PLUS CERTIFICATION SERVICES LLC. Shield without accreditation mark if they wish.
  11. Holders of certificates should not use its certification in such a manner that would bring the certification body and / or system into disrepute and loose public trust.
  12. The term ‘publicity material’ shall not include notices, labels, documents or written announcements affixed to or otherwise appearing on goods or products, unless the goods or products have been manufactured under an accredited product conformity This restriction shall also apply to primary (e.g. blister packs) packaging, promotional products and test certificates / certificate of analysis.
  1. Upon suspension or withdrawal of its certification, the use of QUALITY PLUS CERTIFICATION SERVICES LLC. / ASCB mark or logo shall be discontinued from all advertising matter, stationery etc that contains a reference to certification. The use of logo on all stationer / advertising material shall be amended if the scope of certification is reduced.
  2. Upon reduction in scope, advertising matter shall be amended.



  1. The accreditation marks shall not be displayed on vehicles, except in publicity material containing an accreditation mark as part of a larger advertisement, provided the mark is used in the publicity material in accordance with the conditions detailed elsewhere in this information sheet.
  2. The accreditation marks shall not be displayed on buildings and flags.
  3. Accreditation marks may be displayed on internal walls and doors, and on exhibition stands.
  4. Accreditation marks shall not be used in such a way as to suggest that QUALITY PLUS CERTIFICATION SERVICES LLC. or ASCB has certified, or approved, any product or any service supplied by a licensee of a mark, or in any other misleading manner.
  5. Accreditation marks shall not be used in such a way as to imply that ASCB accepts responsibility for activities carried out under the scope of accreditation and/or certification.
  6. All quotations for work that contain an accreditation mark shall clearly indicate those activities that are not ASCB accredited.
  7. Marks other than the Testing and Calibration marks may not be used on test and calibration reports and certificates, respectively.
  8. Any use of an accreditation mark that might contravene the conditions laid down in this publication shall be referred to ASCB.
  9. Certification bodies shall ensure that they audit the use of national accreditation marks by their certificate holders. Conditions for the use of the marks by such certificate holders are given in these rules.
  10. Reproduction of the marks shall be based on master versions supplied at the time of certification, to which certificate holders must add their certificate number.
  11. Do not use its certification in such a manner that would bring the certification into disrepute and lose public trust.
  12. ASCB logo shall not be used on visiting cards.


QUALITY PLUS CERTIFICATION SERVICES LLC. will take action and deal with incorrect references to certification status or misleading use of certification documents, marks or audit reports. The action may include requests for correction and corrective action, suspension, withdrawal of certification, publication of the transgression and if necessary legal action.